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Law and Order

Law and Order

  • The law and order controversy is gaining importance day after day. Individuals belonging to all classes of society are eager to exercise their rights.
  • The need for police intervention in the larger interests of the public's safety occurs when these rights conflict with each other.
  • Rights and Duties are two sides of the same coin and one who exercises their rights has corresponding duties to perform.
  • Maintaining unrestricted rights and without any duty to society leads to strong survival and the decline of married women.
  • In our country we have a number of fundamental rights outlined in a constitution that fits democracy but they are not perfect.
  • They are subject to reasonable restrictions listed in the Constitution in the public interest.
  • Without the cooperation of the public, the police cannot work in a vacuum and without the cooperation of the public, they cannot perform their basic duty of protecting the rights of life, property and people.
  • Freedom and security also exist, either we have or we don’t have.Ø  The two are not rude but only complement each other.
  • Our fundamental right to swing our arms ends when our neighboring nasi begins, as is well known by the great voters of democracy, Harold Lusky.
  • The laws provide protection against all serious national, religious and cultural barriers.
  • If there is any violation of any law, they shall take their own course from the law of our countrymen or other countries, and shall not take the law of the country without its permission.
  • Our lanes and lanes, bus stops and railway stations, shopping centers and residential areas, with violence, members of the public must cooperate with the police.
  • So everyone can move, do business, observe and settle down peacefully.
  • Basically no one wants trouble in their neighborhood and neighborhood, and even when there are trouble cracks, two things are expected to be expected by the mature public.
  • One is to notify the police immediately and the other to let them down the house and handle the police effectively.
  • The police need to be trusted to give priority to the police as soon as possible.
  • It is in the common interest of the police and law-abiding public to make peace that the presence of good law and order is a precursor to all constructive human activities in any area.

Public appeal:

  • The public should be prevented from breaking the law and order competitively, with a wise statement saying that fires are always on fire and always end up in ashes.
  • Residents should always know that if the laws are respected, the order will automatically follow.
  • If some people think they can always escape after committing crimes with the long sleeve of the law, then definitely catch up with them for any length of time.
  • Every member of the public is supposed to be a policeman without uniformity, and they play a role in maintaining order in society and assisting the authorities in arranging information to advance law and order (to protect themselves). Arrangements will be made to protect their identity.

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